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  • Teun Muller, Board of Directors
    PMI Maritime Innovation
  • Clemens de Jager, Project Lead
    Drego, youth unemployment action plan
  • Antonia Coles, Director
    County Business Shows
  • Karen Witting, Director of Public Programmes
    The Royal Air Force Museum
  • Mark Sutcliffe, Director



An overview of group functionality 
An overview of group functionality
When logged in as a manager, you have access to the Control Panel. This is accessible using the Wididi label on the bottom of the screen.
This label is available on every page within this environment.

The overview of Groups is available in the control panel. It’s also possible to add a new Group directly by clicking on Add (See first picture).

When overview is clicked on an overview of Groups will be displayed (See second picture). The same icons apply here as in articles or any other overview page. There are 5 icons next to these templates and can be used to (From left to right): Turning the Group on/offline, Open the Group, Edit the Group, Copy the Group and last, Delete the Group.

When opening the Group, the introduction of the Group is being displayed. Here you can see recent updates. Privileges are also shown Standard view is collapsed. On the left hand side all parts of this Group are displayed (See third picture):

- Introduction
- Discussions
- Updates
- Documents
- Multimedia
- Group Actions

Discussions can be added in the discussion part.

Adding a discussion / post will open an interface (See fourth picture). Here you can determine where this post is being placed, choose what forum is being used and into what category. You can use: General, Proposal, Question and Topicality.
Net add a Title of the post and add content. Here you can also add Extra’s which are explained in the Article User Manual. When done adding the content, make sure you check or uncheck the bottom checkbox. This allows or prevents other users being notified of this new post.

The Updates overview shows all recent updates in this specific Group (See fifth picture).

The Documents overview shows all documents added to this group (See sixth picture). As a manager, if you have privileges in this group (this will be covered later on in this document) you’ll have the possibility to add and modify these documents. All kind of documents can be uploaded here.
Supplements (addon pages) can be added here also.

In the Multimedia overview video’s and pictures will be show when added (See seventh picture). Use the options on the bottom to add these.

In Group actions the overview of what members can do in this Group is shown (See eighth picture). The privileges of this Group determine whats shown here.

A very important part of Groups are the privileges. Here you can determine who can enter and what he or she can do within the Group. The privileges applied to a Group can differ from one Group to another. These privileges are only accessible to the creator of the Group. Groups can be private or open to the public as well.

Use the options to add a forum (Discussion) and a Calendar to this Group (See ninth picture).
A logo and header image can be added here also.
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