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  • Karen Witting, Director of Public Programmes
    The Royal Air Force Museum
  • Clemens de Jager, Project Lead
    Drego, youth unemployment action plan
  • Antonia Coles, Director
    County Business Shows
  • Teun Muller, Board of Directors
    PMI Maritime Innovation
  • Mark Sutcliffe, Director



What problem do we solve?

This seemingly simple question is the start of every project we do. We help you formulate the challenges and identify the required phases to succeed. We excel in building straightforward processing platforms for complex cases which often transcend the organizational level and fall into a much broader area, be it government, suppliers or even competitors.

Our products are deployed at critical government, commercial, medical and non-profit institutions to tackle complex challenges. Together with our partners, we succeed by re-focusing processes and information around people.

Our areas of expertise
Philanthropy Engineering

Our Philanthropy Engineering team applies Wididi's people, products, and resources to support initiatives and organizations dedicated to improving
Blockchain Powered Validation

V-ID secures digital assets using blockchain powered validation.
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Digital Consultancy

Healthcare is a recurring topic in todays’ society, not in the least because of the rising costs and the resulting pressure this puts
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Workflow Management

The Wididi Workflow Management capability enables a step change in the operational effectiveness and efficiency of many private and public enterprises
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Sensitive Information Management

Balancing security and convenience is an ongoing challenge in today’s dynamic information flows. Users require convenient access to information
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Certification & Accreditation

The times when someone worked his whole life at the same company are long gone, and this shift in work-life balance is still very much in progress.