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  • Karen Witting, Director of Public Programmes
    The Royal Air Force Museum
  • Antonia Coles, Director
    County Business Shows
  • Teun Muller, Board of Directors
    PMI Maritime Innovation
  • Mark Sutcliffe, Director
  • Clemens de Jager, Project Lead
    Drego, youth unemployment action plan



Everything on pages and articles 
Everything on pages and articles
Use the menu on the top left hand side to navigate to the About page. Hover the menu and a drop down menu will appear (See first picture).

The second picture is an example of a standard page which holds basic editing functionality. This also applies for News articles.

When logged in as a manager, beneath each page Options will appear (See red circle second picture). Edit, Copy and Delete.
Click ‘Edit’ to adjust the page or article. When a ‘copy’ is made, this will automaticly be placed in the same menu as the current page. A number will be added to the title to show which one is the copy.
Choose ‘Delete’ to remove a page. 

In the third picture you can see the basic structure of this page. Title and subtitle are always shown on top of the page. Beneath this is a larger textarea where you can place the content of the page or article. Use the editor on top of this text area to adjust the text.

Properties are also shown here:
  • Writer / Owner – If needed you can appoint a page or article to a person.
  • Menu – Where is this page visible.
  • Menu item – Name of menuitem.
  • Class – To be able to categorise articles or pages (Not used here).
Comments are also available. Check the box if needed.
If you want to receive an email notification of new comments, check the box.  

In extras you can add additions to the page or article (See fourth picture).
  • Edit image adjusts the logo of this article (small image used in overviews)
  • Add a picture adds a picture which are shown beneath the text (Drag and drop)
  • Add a video adds video from Youtube/Vimeo by pasting a video url or upload files
  • Add a link adds a link to other sites and Social Media
  • Add keywords adds keywords used when searching for articles with the same keywords
  • Add an address adds a Google map to the article
  • Add Streetview adds a Google Streetview to the article
  • Add a supplement adds an extra page to this page (often used with chapters or large quantities of content)
  • Add a header places an image on top of the article or page (Fixed size) (See fifth picture)
  • Add a collection adds a mail-a-pic collection (3rd party)
  • Add a file adds files to the article (zip, pdf, docx, xlsx,pptx, etc.)
  • Add contact info adds extra information like email, website, phone, fax.
  • Add a location can differ from the address (Use a Google Maps marker to drag to the right coordinates)
  • Add Earthview adds a Google Earthview to the article  
When an extra is added, it will show as a separate item. A header is added in the sixth picture. Here you can remove and sort items.

Details are only available to managers. Here you see a log of the current page / article.
Here you can also adjust the time when this page is online / offline.
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