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Certification & Accreditation

The times when someone worked his whole life at the same company are long gone, and this shift in work-life balance is still very much in progress. This presents a challenge concerning accreditation. If people often switch between employers, the hiring and accreditation process should enable this accordingly. In other words, employers should be able to instantly verify if a candidate meets all requirements for the task. Accreditation is part of the safety standards in many industries, like energy, transport and healthcare. But until recently, there were no standards. let alone a system efficient and flexible enough to adapt to the current employment trends.

In the healthcare industry, accreditation is crucial to make sure the personnel is qualified for the tasks they are performing, so patients are never exposed to any unnecessary risks. While obviously important for the clients, proper accreditation also eliminates any possible liability problems for the organisations that (temporarily) hire medical personnel.

As Wididi discovered the lack of a uniform efficient accreditation method in the healthcare industry, we started working on this challenge in partnership with a variety of EU based medical organisations. Phase one of this new system was concluded in Q1 2017, and the next phases are currently in development.
A key characteristic of the new system is that medical professionals manage their own personal accreditation profile. The data model follows Wididi’s IRM (Individual Relationship Management) principle. This means that professionals always have their profile online, have complete control over their own data and decide when to give new employers access to it.
Having a standard means that, for the first time, profiles of different people can easily be compared to each other and automatically pre-selected by the system. The new system also continually monitors all qualifications and their expiration dates, which is a big break from the manual random checks of paper forms that used to be the norm.

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