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  • Mark Sutcliffe, Director
  • Karen Witting, Director of Public Programmes
    The Royal Air Force Museum
  • Antonia Coles, Director
    County Business Shows
  • Clemens de Jager, Project Lead
    Drego, youth unemployment action plan
  • Teun Muller, Board of Directors
    PMI Maritime Innovation



An overview of mailshot's functionality 
An overview of mailshot's functionality
When logged in as a manager, you have access to the Control Panel. This is accessible using the Wididi label on the bottom of the screen. (It first appears as a circle with the chosen theme colour. If you hover over this circle with your cursor the Wididi logo will show.)

In the Control Panel (See first picture at the bottom of the page), there’s an overview of all content which is adjustable in the website.
One of these is Mailshots. Mailshots is a general facility for distributing content to email addresses and it is also used to distribute the Weekly Digest. You can create a new Weekly Digest by clicking the lower “New weekly digest” link on the Mailshots banner. Overview also allows you to create a new Weekly Digest, or more general Mailshot, and includes a feature to do this by copying and changing an existing Weekly Digest Mailshot.

In the second picture, three Weekly Digest templates are shown.
- The Weekly Digest template (platform)
- The Weekly Digest template (Full example)
- The Weekly Digest template (ORIGINAL)

The ‘full example’ template contains the full content of a Weekly Digest structure. The ‘platform’ template is a derivative of the ‘full example’ but is shortened through the use of Read more >> links that take the reader back to the source article. The ’original’ template is used here as a back-up.

There are 5 icons next to these templates and can be used to (From left to right): Turning the Mailshot on/offline, Open the Mailshot, Edit the Mailshot, Copy the Mailshot and last, Delete the Mailshot.

Tip: When using these templates, it’s easy to copy a template and adjust the copy. This way, you’ll always have an ‘original’ instance.

Opening the Mailshot will result in a preview of this Mailshot in the browser window.

Edit Mailshot will result in opening the Mailshot and going directly to the edit modus. (See third picture)

The toolbar shown on top of the Mailshot resembles the one used in Microsoft Word. All basic editing capabilities are in here. All links from the index are already linked to the appropriate section.

Imagery can be changed and added. Please note: images used should have a width of 640 pixels.

When finished editing the Mailshot, don’t forget to press ‘save’ on the bottom of the Mailshot, or on top in the toolbar. You can send this Mailshot by clicking ‘send’

This interface (See fourth picture) enables you to select the Mailshot and the target group.
A BCC and Mailshot subject can be added / altered too.
Please note: Adjusting the subject when on the ‘Send’ page, will not be saved when send. This needs to be altered when editing the weekly digest.

When sending the Mailshot, you can still choose which Mailshot you want to send. Using this facility will result in more Mailshots than the predefined templates. Select one by clicking on the pull down next to ‘Target group’. (See fifth picture)

Beside to selecting one of the target groups, you are also able to paste a Mailshot distribution list.
This feature allows you to copy a list of email addresses and paste this in the open field. These email addresses need to be separated by a new line to use this list correctly.

When these settings are correct, press send on the bottom.
Please check / uncheck the review checkbox to receive a test Mailshot. This is to assist you in checking if the Mailshot looks fine after receipt.

This will also create an overview of all email addresses to which the Mailshot needs to be send to.
To be absolutely sure you want to send this Mailshot, You’ll be asked once more to send this Mailshot. Click ‘Send’ again.

While a Mailshot is being sent (See sixth picture), you’ll be updated on progress on top of the screen.
Don’t close the browser when sending is in progress.

When this is complete, you can see an overview by pressing ‘Sent’ on the left hand side.

Here you can see the dates and totals of this particular Mailshot. Further details can be seen when clicking on the ‘lines icon’.
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