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  • Clemens de Jager, Project Lead
    Drego, youth unemployment action plan
  • Antonia Coles, Director
    County Business Shows
  • Mark Sutcliffe, Director
  • Teun Muller, Board of Directors
    PMI Maritime Innovation
  • Karen Witting, Director of Public Programmes
    The Royal Air Force Museum



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Icon representing Certification
Independent personal competencies tracking


Icon representing FAQ
Uses custom post types and taxonomies to manage an FAQ section


Icon representing Research
To measure is to know

Video Conference Rooms

Icon representing Video Conference Rooms
Online HD video conferencing


Icon representing Support
Self-service incident and problem ticketing service
Support messaging provides an on-line ticket service approach to resolver group management and closure of customer self-service reports of incidents and problems. Customers use a browser to interact through either a simple multi-media closed messaging interface or a page click interaction.

European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology

Icon representing European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology
ESHRE Certification Platform
For the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, we built a secure cloud based platform to facilitate the certification process of medical personnel.

Wididi Control Panel

Icon representing Wididi Control Panel
Manage your setup, content and users
Control Panel allows managers to view and manipulate basic platform settings and controls via applets, and publish or edit content. This includes managing user accounts, adding and removing software, publishing and editing articles, and changing accessibility options.


Icon representing Reports
A unique and secure service of intelligence reporting and information sharing


Icon representing Assessments
Assessment centre, containing rich multi-media multiple choice test
These tests are intuitive to use but can be demanding and discriminating if the test author wishes to make their assessment a differentiator of skill, learning and understanding.


Icon representing Archive
A multi-media style section that provides the key facilities to share and maintain knowledge
Share and maintain knowledge across a community of practioners.

My account

Icon representing My account
Contains all personalised information including settings and editable profile content
Contains all personalised information including settings, editable profile content, public profile view, interests, news and update subscriptions, message inbox and outbox, network of individuals.


Icon representing People
Personal profiling and user management
Contains the directory of all community members who express their profiles with rich content while controlling their own privacy and settings. Beyond standard sections with free text entry, a person's profile can include contact details, image and video galleries, geographic references, supplementary files, external links (including quick links to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.).


Icon representing Community
Enable a vibrant community for any audience
Broadcasts searchable multi-media articles and discussions generated either by a Group across a complete community or by an individual community member.

BMW MINI Dealers Holland

Icon representing BMW MINI Dealers Holland
Closed Community for dealer branch organisation
The Dutch BMW-Mini Dealer Platform serves several roles such as providing the latest news, planning events, sharing all forms of information and keeping everybody in the national dealerships up to speed with the latest opportunities. Thus enabling dealers to unite their forces to improve efficiency


Icon representing KONEKTO
Online student traineeship processing
- Complete business process integrated
- Secure, personal access
- 100% self-service


Icon representing FBEZH
Registration and regulation of wildlife
Registration and regulation of wildlife

- Public and role-based secure private sections


Icon representing Events
Online optin or optout features before and after the event.
Online optin or optout features and extensive management options before and after the event.


Icon representing Calendar
Allows users and managers to add events to the calendar
Calendar allows users to add events to the calendar. Like the content manager, but also visitors or a selected group of people. A event becomes more interesting with easy to add photos and videos, files, or eg Street View of the location.


Icon representing WHOBUILT
Location based information sharing
WHOBUILT offers a solution for sharing and maintaining rich information about geographically spread properties and locations. Organisations that would be quickly benefit include construction company with projects in a variety of locations, a real estate company with multiple premises, or a large multinational company with many offices and partners worldwide.

Reinier de Graaf

Icon representing Reinier de Graaf
Streamlining communications
Medical professionals and patients can benefit from a secure and massively more efficient way to consult and share knowledge. Virtual consulting obviously saves costs by removing the need to travel. However the quality of a diagnosis also improves significantly, when specialists around the world